21 July 2005

My first published design work

I just received a confirmation letter from David E. Carter, Inc. that I've been chosen, among others, to be published in an international book of business card design for the work I did re-branding Avanti Salon Spa. I have no idea how legit this is. I sent samples down earlier this year with something like a $20 entry fee, which I suppose is standard fare but I'm sort of leaning towards not entering many of these things.

Looking over the website, they've published around 100 books on design and stuff, so I dunno. Maybe they make a lot of money off of the submitted entries? The book is called The Big Book of Business Card Design (presumably, the sequel to The Little Book pictured here), so I figure there will be lots of designers featured within. Anyhow, it's kind of neat. At least it'll make my Momma proud (they like water cooler talk).

And as a continuation to a good week, Dallas brought by my 19" Samsung LCD monitor to replace that goddamned piece of shit CRT that was destroying my eyesight. It's big and pretty. I need to sell my Dell UltraSharp at home and get two of these Samsungs there, too.

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