29 July 2005

Edmonton wins AGM bid

Congratulations to Michael Surtees and Alberta North for their apparent triumph. Should be interesting to see. I guess I should get around to applying for my LGDC or something. The following is from Marian Bantjes'a The Point, the newsletter for GDC British Columbia (via d* notes on…):—

The battle to win the bid for the GDC National AGM 2006 was a heated competition between four potential host cities vying for the coveted designation. Each of the AGM bid cities, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Yellowknife and Las Vegas unrolled impressive campaigns to the delegates, complete with banners, buttons, t-shirts and, in the case of Yellowknife, commemorative diamonds etched with their bid logo.

Design competitions in each region (allowable under the old GDC Code of Ethics, but not any more!) garnered dozens of competent entries from members across Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Arctic. The Las Vegas contingent hired a famous US branding agency to design their logo.

Despite rumours of bribes and cries of foul play regarding the distribution of diamonds by the Arctic Chapter, all judges have sworn on a stack of GDC Membership Kits that the judging was fair, equable and in no way influenced by promises of tours, fancy schmancy hotel rooms or lavish meals.

It was Alberta Chapter President Michael Surtees’ passionate, and lengthy speech regarding the merits of Edmonton as the host city, plus his avowal of commitment and dedication to the organization of a massive GDC event to accompany the AGM that, in the end, swayed the judges.

So it’s official, the next GDC National AGM will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, May 5–7, 2006.

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