29 July 2005

Colour theory according to Wassily Kandinsky

Following the link on Kandinsky from the Arnold Schönberg Center:—

“warm,” “cheeky and exciting,” “disturbing for people,” “typical earthly color,” “compared with the mood of a person it could have the effect of representing madness in color […] an attack of rage, blind madness, maniacal rage.

loud, sharp trumpets, high fanfares

deep, inner, supernatural, peaceful “Sinking towards black, it has the overtone of a mourning that is not human.” “typical heavenly color”

light blue: flute
darker blue: cello
darkest blue of all: organ

mixture of yellow and blue
stillness, peace, but with hidden strength, passive
“Green is like a fat, very healthy cow lying still and unmoving, only capable of chewing the cud, regarding the world with stupid dull eyes.”

quiet, drawn-out, middle position violin

"It is not a dead silence, but one pregnant with possibilities."

"Harmony of silence", "pause that breaks temporarily the melody"

“Not without possibilities […] like an eternal silence, without future and hope.”
Extinguished, immovable

"final pause, after which any continuation of the melody seems the dawn of another world"

mixture of white and black
“Immovability which is hopeless”


alive, restless, confidently striving towards a goal, glowing, “manly maturity”
Light warm red: strength, energy, joy; vermilion: glowing passion, sure strength
Light cold red: youthful, pure joy, young

"sound of a trumpet, strong, harsh"
Fanfare, Tuba
deep notes on the cello

high, clear violin

mixture of red + black
dull, hard, inhibited

mixture of red + yellow
radiant, healthy, serious

middle range church bell, alto voice, “an alto violin, singing tone, largo”

mixture of red + blue
“morbid, extinguished […] sad”

english horn, shawm, bassoon

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