15 June 2005

U of A lecture

Monday's lecture was a little more fractured than I would have liked it to have been. I have been so busy lately that I had little time to review notes and I've been trying to regulate sleeping with melatonin, but I need to get used to waking on it.

The videos went over well (of cymatic studies on liquid solutions, and powders). They gave a nice visual reference to the holographic theory I went through.

At the end of the class, however, as I was talking about eyesight, I disctinctly made eye contact with a number of students to get my point across, and this one girl was so bothered that near the end of the class as people were getting up she just wigged out and left. After the room had cleared out, I was talking to the prof and the girl came back. She inquired about my intentions and whether I had "done anything" to her. She was visibly shaken.

I told her I hadn't intentionally done anything, but that she may be naturally sensitive to subtler, intuitive elements. She was a science major, didn't believe in any of this, so I told her that was good, this way she had nothing to worry about.

Funny thing is, I had to drive out to St Albert to deposit money into my brother's bank account as he is in Australia. As I was exiting the bank, I swear it was her I ran into. She couldn't believe her eyes, scurried out to her car in the parking lot and was pointing unbelievably, smiling, at me to show her boyfriend. I just smiled and drove off.

At least she got something memorable from her university elective.

On the note of education, Jason also says that he is trying to get me into Grant MacEwan this fall semester to guest-speak on business practise. Somehow intertwining symbolism, myth, and consciousness with corporate responsibility, PR, marketing, and overall design and communication.

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