05 June 2005


So a good friend has been hooking me up with some interesting opportuniteis lately. Firstly, there is her friend’s new clothing and apparel company out in Vancouver. Called Jade, it’s a skateboarding company geared towards a very aggressive brand for women. I like the logo I submitted, and the owner, Tanya Berger, got back to me and give me quick props for my work. On the other hand, I am not a big fan of “contests” for design work. It doesn’t allow for direct communication as a brand is developed. Though, this is hardly the 2010 Vancouver Olympics we’re talking about and all the hoo-hah that was raised by the GDC over their handling of the logo. It’s a small clothing company on the coast. And I am always willing to do a favour for her and her friends.
Jade logo submission
She also forwarded me an email detailing a new tv show being produced, called Seekers:—
TV Personality Ralph Benmergui (used to work for CBC) is seeking 5 seekers willing to go on the spiritual road trip of a lifetime.

SEEKERS will be a new faith-based lifestyle/documentary series to air in a six-part series for VisionTV and ONE: The Body, Mind & Spirit Channel.

Five diverse Canadians chosen will be invited to join Benmergui on what producers bill as an unpredictable three-week journey to spiritual hotspots across North America - from Tibetan Meditation under a crystal pyramid in Sedona, Arizona to Shamanistic healing on Cortes Island BC.

The casting assistant, a woman named Lorraine Houston, has called me a couple times and emailed me. I will try to get in touch with her in the next few days. I figure it might be an interested experience — and that I may be their token troublemaker. Let’s say they get together a fucking Christian, Jew, Muslim, maybe a so-called Buddhist or something, and then there’ll be me: a happy rep for everything that is evil to them. Even some Western Buddhist, I could find something to offend. Perhaps explore the Dzogchen. Hell, I even made a Reiki master cry months ago using philosophical examples of rape and depravity in some conversation we were having.

Not much to be proud of, if I think about it actually. Regardless, it’d be fun. I need a vacation.

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