11 June 2005

“Love You Long Time”

In this month's issue of Toro, not only is there Toro's Wedding Survival Guide — which was nicely imformative, seeing as how I have to help with Mark & Carmen's wedding for winter — but also, Bebe O'Shea writes a one-page article on Tantric sex education.

Perhaps this is another interesting idea of the conflict Jung points out (which I quote in this blog's header). "Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." While my penis is generally pointing me in the direction I should(n't) be going, there is that part of me that tries to behave. No, better put = trying to find someone I can go further with. Or is it "farther"? I dunno. Where to? Not sure. But this little O'Shea article was a nice reminder to explore sensuality again as a door. One fellow he talks to, who got into it with his gf in Ottawa, run the site Tantra Sex. I used to be critical of Western bastardizations of Eastern forms, but on the other hand, this is also part of the mixing of the two cultures. The two videos suggested are Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy and Tantric Guide to Better Sex.

It's not hard to learn, it just requires a bit of breathing. Oh yeah. I forgot. And a partner. Perhaps I should just tie Melanie up, ball-gag her, and explore this.

There are also pics of Lost's Evangeline Lilly, who is actually from Fort Saskatchewan (about twenty minutes away), and 24's Elisha Cuthbert (from Calgary). I know Kiefer Sutherland is actually from Alberta, too, or maybe it's Donald Sutherland. Their ranch is down south, regardless.


Anonymous said...

a slight bulge apon a mans body and stupid superficial women ignore us, you such, love us beauches

Fell said...

Jesus Christ, wtf does that mean?