09 June 2005

Doing okay

His Excellency John Ralston Saul is speaking tonight on the collapse of globalism and the reinvention of the world. (His new book.) Canada's favourite Socratic troublemaker will be speaking at the Royal Alberta Museum tonight. Tickets are $7.50 at Audrey's downtown, and a portion of proceeds go to the Project Adult Literacy Society. Anyone reading this in River City should check it out, if you're not dumb… though, I doubt anyone that reads this is in the region seeing as how I don't let anyone know about this little exposé. Though, with my luck something will go awry and I will meet the Perfect Girl, then she'll find this and there will be something incriminating that sets her off and she'll kick me in the junk. Not before humping my dad and blowing my best friend, and killing my cat. And burning my books. That would suck, cuz I love my books.

I've also started donating monthly via direct debit to Amnesty International and Oxfam Canada. When work is more stable, I will also be setting up a monthly direct debit to the United Way for Edmonton and the World Wildlife Fund.

It's been on mind for a long time, but I've just never gotten around to it. I admit, I am not all into the actual activism part — that is, until I get cancer, then I'll be out canvassing and what not for cancer fundraising. But I do think what they do is important, and they need as much aid as they can get. And honestly, I can spare some money. People lived their entire lives giving all their shit to the fucking Church, I can afford to skip a few drinks and smokes in order to support a cause. And if everyone did it, or even like ten friends got into it, that'd be over $2,000 a year just for a minimum monthly donation.

If the tax man is going to take my dollars on one side, I may as well push some dollars in the other direction for something I think is more important.

On that note, Rebecca came by yesterday and she went on a libertarian rampage. I love her. Unfortunately, the only way a libertarian way of life would ever come into Canada would be through a revolution, coup, and death. Which, if anyone reads Tim Boucher's site, isn't that bad of an idea.

Though, Iceland was once governed by a very libertarian-styled government. And they have a new party called Frjálshyggjufélagið which is trying to implement libertarianism there and is running for Icelandic parliament in 2007.

Seriously, Frjálshyggjufélagið is the coolest name ever. If it were a girl, I'd want to hump her.

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Snaebjorn said...

Hey, I'm actually a member of frjalshyggjuflokknum.

I think there is one in New Zealand as well, and of course in USA. Isn't there any in Canada?