02 June 2005

Church of the SubGenius in Edmonton

Kyle and I were at New City having a drink and some late lunch, and as we were walking I came across these stencilled images of Bob, the iconic buddy guy of the Church of the SubGenius. This obviously got me to wondering about whom the perpetrators may have been. It's not like it's a large community, especially in the Prairies... but ya never know, I suppose.

And then the other day I stopped by Populuxe (10754 124 Street, Edmonton), on Greg Ball's recommendation, and wanted to check out these Eames chairs he made mention of. I presume these are them, I didn't check them out thoroughly, though they were nice and going for $250 a piece. I had the $500, but I also needed to pay rent and have yet to wire some money to my brother in Australia before he heads on his cross-continent scooter ride. So instead I bought a sexy Adidas jacket.

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