01 June 2005

Casting sigil magic to get laid

Lately, a few persons have approached me about learning to cast sigils. Now, albeit one of the easiest magic tricks to perform in one’s life, I don’t think people really realise the phenomenology behind how sigils do their work.

(NOTE — I admit, I just learned about the plural form of the word sigil as sigila, rather than the anglicised sigils. It looks so much more fun.)

So for example, let’s talk about getting laid, or even the silliest move anyone can make in a sigil and create an intent for someone to fall in love with you. People get into a fluff about this because they’re presuming that someone is casting a Hollywood magic trick on them: cast this spell, they instantly change and wanna fuck your brains out.

It doesn’t work that way. Say I meet some bar star that I wanna fuck or some girl that works at the local restaurant or pub, so I cast a sigil: I will Jane Doe to want to give me oral pleasures. Okay, so we get down to doodling our sigil out of IWLJNDTGVRPS, or whatever your preferred method is. (I use a female in this instance, but for any women out there just think of some guy whose heart you wanted to seduce, then destroy.)

Over time — and I’ve had sigils do their thing for years — a lot of magicians neglect to admit to themselves that the sigil will change them as much as the events apparently outside of their self. So this Jane Doe, I wanna get it on with her. She may be so completely incompatible with me, from taste in music to literature to cinema to food, that if I actually got to know her I’d want to knock her teeth out and skull-fuck her with the bumper of my car. But I don’t know that yet. My ego is whispering to me (or is it my dick) that I want to chew on her tits, slap her thighs, bruise her ass, and pull at her hair.

So we cast our sigil, jerking off on some our wee glyph, asking God to hook us up. So what needs to happen to bring this about? Truly, it could come down to someone feeding her Rohypnol and you tripping, having your wang accidentally slide into her. That’s not very plausible, however, though nor is magic I suppose, so never mind.

Whether she changes at all, bringing about an attraction to you, is questionable. It was her you cast the sigil after, her you want to fuck, her, her, her. Sure, just your body, but your mind is trying to fill in the blanks and has no reference point cuz you don’t know her. So what may very well happen is that you may start hanging out with a crowd she knows. Not a crowd you particularly like, but any number of reasons may draw you into this social clique. You may dress differently. You may take on a different attitude, become cockier, gentler, more artistic, more sporty, whatever. Or at least try to take on the appearance of such. You may have something semi-traumatic happen which skews your perception or way you act. These things bring you closer to her. Without you knowing it. A few things of a similar nature may happen to her, cuz she’s going to have to have something in common with you to even spark a conversation or something.

Though, if you cast a sigil and end up in a stuck elevator with her while she’s testing out one of those hidden strap-on vibrators, and maybe she’s on ecstasy or something, and for the next three hours she breaks down and offers to fuck your brains out… kudos to you, that’s good magic.

But because the Game of Life is all about the gods’ experiences through us, chances are they’ll throw something in there to make the viewing interesting — at least for them.

So essentially, you may very well become, over a month, a year, a decade?, someone you don’t particularly like. All in the name of a base instinct to procreate, encoded by social means of what is attractive.

I tried this once to interesting effect. Years ago I met a girl, not of my clique, not of my upbringing, and of a social character I generally had grown to dislike. I was mean to her when we first met, and she learned to avoid me for the first few months (we worked together). But I was mean because I took it upon myself to presume that she was all looks and no thinks; also, one of our staff made mention that “She’s pretty. Period,” after asking about her. In time, we came to talk and it turned out we got along decently. I was sexually attracted to her so I cast an experimental sigil out to see what would come of it.

Over the years, we grew together as friends, had some close calls sexually, have developed a peculiar friendship, and explored and talked about our sexual attractions but never fully pursued them. I never pushed it as far as it may have gone, I’m lazy that way, but looking back at it now I realise that she does host the characteristics I despise in women. Sure, many girls have these dispositions, but it really came out in her and her friends. So why was I friends with her? She does have an intelligent side, but it was often neglected in the name of drugs, liquor, and chasing boys.

I can look back and see changes made in the way I perceived these groups of girls, the neighbourhood in which they were raised, their clubs, music, and social habits. I tried them out, I bitched and complained, but I went out regardless. I put up with clucking hens, pointless indulgences, and foolish debauchery (not even the cool kind), hanging out with the über-vain of Edmonton and listening to the same, repetitive You look so thin and I just adore your shoesies.

Why? Was it the doing of the sigil? My penis? My natural disposition to try to get to know hot chicks that might be hiding a pension for intelligence and character? Chances are it’s all of these things, but I do believe the sigil played a part. If I hadn’t cast the sigil, I doubt I’d have been as close to her and have developed the oddly unique, ambiguously flirtatious friendship that we had.

But I didn’t fuck her. Though she’d be fun in bed, and she’s a good cuddler, we both have a similar standard in regards to gratuitous sex. So even though the Universe may have brought up events to bring us together to form this bond, deeper beneath the veil of my magical request and the intermittent phenomenon that took place and were affected by such a request, we had issues more important to us than getting our pink parts sucked. The ego colours my requests to the Universe, but essentially there are important issues beyond it that seem to stay prevalent.

The ego is indeed an illusion, and social taboos and means are there to create new dramas, but they will ultimately bring you down the right paths necessary. The only horrible thing any individual can do is neglect their destinies, fight the opportunities — good and bad — that are thrown their way. For the more you deny the gods their entertainment, the more they’ll kick you in the ass to get back on track, harder and harder until either you self-destruct or come to through trauma or some other equally harsh realisation.

I guess what I am looking at here is that it’s okay to cast a sigil for whatever — revenge, love, sex, power — but always remember that the road it will take you on to get your desire will change you more than it may change the rest of the world. A simple concept to quantum theorists, mystics, and occultists, but truly try to wrap your head around the fact that we don’t see the universe as it is, we see it as we are.


tim boucher said...

Man, I haven't heard anybody talk about skull-fucking in AGES! Kudos to you

pmp said...

great site and some very good points.

every successful 'results' working i've ever done has changed me at least as much as whatever it's changed 'out there'



jo john said...

explain how it works man...you keep talkin about bangin' that chick- I get the point...now tell me how it works god dammit.

Everybody wants to skull fuck some bitch- give tips mofo.

Fell said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did it a couple of times 20 years ago - using graphical imagery - and it worked, but I learnt that it's too ambiguous; met the girls I wanted (physically) but emotionally ...

So I stepped away until I knew more about how to work sigilia; and how they affected reality.

Now that Im older and more confident I get chicks with a smile ;)

Don said...

Ya bingo. After some experience, you realise a smile is worth its weight in gold. Cheers, Russel!

Anonymous said...

When you said that you wanted oral pleasures, isn't that the same thing when she was talking dirty to you? It was pleasure and she did do it orally. You got what you wanted, you just worded it wrong.

Don said...

Good point!

Rey said...

that is an excellent point the sigil did wat u asked it to n i did catch that till that last person posted hat comment... N how DOES sigils work??? Ray_loves_delia@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Ok, what about doing multiple sigils to gain multiple things from one person? 1. Break up with his current girlfriend; 2. Fall in love with me; 3. Chase me; 4. Great sex; 5. Commitment/marriage.

Yeah, I'm a lady and want it all, so it seems that as long as I am thorough with my requests, I can get the other person to do more of the changing that I would have to. Yes?

Don said...

You may be thorough, and I recommend trying it out. You won't know till you try. However, I caution you, that you will change dramatically via the trauma invoked to alter the dynamics between the parties involved. That is all. Once he is broken up with his gf and lusting for you, you may come to realise you don't want him. It may have been another element you were attracted to or lusting after.

Everything is a projection of yourself.

"When you judge another person, you do not define him or her, you define yourself." —Wayne Dyer

Anonymous said...

I used to be in both the golden dawn and oto. A lot of people i new did sigil magick with no results. It is fun even if it does not work.god bless.

Anonymous said...

Why did you leave out the first a?

Don said...

Presuming you are referring to the abstraction of the sigil from the command of intent, it is to ensure you are stripping it of recognizable meaning and leaving yourself with the abstracted intent.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a better idea to just set a goal to use the sigil, to simply get laid by anyone that you'd be attracted to, and I'm thinking that it gives the "forces" (whatever you call It) much more freedom, so that it doesn't have to too much of the material circumstances to bring that to you.

I couldn't imagine using sigil magick, or just every day Neville-style visualization, to try to hook up a specific person.

Better to keep it general.

Don said...

I completely agree. This was from many years ago. The more specificity that seems to weigh on a sigil the more randomness must occur for it to take place. Or so I believe I have observed.

Pissed Off said...

Don't you discard of the vowels as well?

Vallin Sfas said...

An excellent philosophical/metaphysical essay on what amounts to sex magick, particularly hexing a desired partner. As I am a double Skorpion MOJO-Man in love with an AQU Sun/PIS ASC woman whose Pluto is on my SCO ASC (in HER *8TH* house), the idea of mutual transformation--liebe und verklarüng as the Romantics would say--will definitely be a major subtext to my banging her tight booty. My ex-wife was a witch to whom I apprenticed, along with over a decade of outside labour on her behalf; a lot of Earth Moon and Saturn here. She taught me the basics of candles and sigils that I combine with advantageous astrological data.

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