01 June 2005

Alleged sex offender Brian Peppers

It’s easy to crack jokes in this case, but it brings to mind an interesting thought about the adage: As above, so below. Imagine how unique this Brian Peppers’s perception of the world must be. Could any of us walk a day in his soles? (Yes, the stupid pun crossed my mind, so fuck off.)

And this guy never had the fame or money to buy kids into his outstretched arms like, say, that other oddity, Michael Jackson, had.


Anonymous said...

He's not just alleged, he's CONVICTED, for trying to convince a minor with an intellectual disability to have sex with him.

He deserves what he's getting.

Fell said...

Sure, what I wanted to point out when I first came across this was whether the external façade of a "monster" can shape the internal machinations. Unfortunately, I am not very informed on this fellow, and this blog has been receiving many hits lately in regards to him. This would lead me to believe that he's been apprehended once again, or that a trial is about to finally begin after a time?

Fell said...

This is, if in fact, this one page in particular is accurate in their portrayal of him, link.