20 May 2005

A sigil for a girl?

Okay, so coming back from Metro and a couple fools are chasing someone down the street with a rifle. Some off-duty cop follows them outside out apartment and calls for others. Cruiser arrives, cop gets out with shotgun and pins them in our parking lot. Another cruiser and a motorcycle cop swing in (impressed with the response time, I am), and the situation is cute until they flash the flashlight in our faces as we're looking through the landing windows. We decide to go back and make some pasta and watch them pack the kids into the cruisers from our balcony.

Just earlier, at Metro, gave Sarah a copy of Mindhunter after she informed me of her apparent joy for reading and that CSI is her favourite tv show. Perhaps she'll even read it.

Even earlier, Jer and I were at Squire's on Whyte and everyone there was in a dire need of fashion sense, let alone any sort of cultural significance.

I figure that taking Sarah's ideal body (round tummy, small tits, etc) — this opposite-of-everything purported by magazines to be perfect — that I should perhaps make a sigil to introduce new elements into my world. But Sarah is a standard format sort of "Pretty Girl," the whole Cosmo-reading, rollerblading sort of thing, albeit a cool chick, I need to cross-combine elements I like from those that I tend to be attracted to.

Tara is right in stating that I am unconsciously pursuing every girl I don't want, or can't have, so I should take every element of said prospects and devise a sigil to act as a Universal casting call to bring some opportunity my way.

I am thinking of Sarah's nonchalant sexiness, Seana's great taste in culture (and maybe her tits and legs), hmm... perhaps Sabrina's good will, Tara's sensitivies, perhaps a touch of Jillian... and voilà!

I shall develop this über-girl sigil in the next week. Interesting, mostly because I rarely cast magic to garner anything. And when I do use sigils, things generally tend to turn out awry. Not in a bad way, just in an awry way.

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