20 May 2005

A sex magic primer

Sex magic is as old as mankind. Everyone, even in the dullest vanilla relationship, has felt at some time that it's magical, or at least should be. Sex is used by the forces of society (read the forces of stupidity) to make us do anything from buy a certain brand of car to vote in certain ways. If we allow ourselves to be entranced by these prepackaged images of sex — instead of creating our own magic — we are slaves. If we begin the realization of our fantasies, we begin to participate in what it is to be gods. One of the oldest (and still practiced) forms of sex magic is Tantra. In Tantra practices there are two principles — one the source of power called Shakti, and the other the director of power called Shiva. This corresponds directly to our practice wherein one individual is the director/Dom and one the acted upon/Submissive. All of us in the scene for any length of time have always known that the real power is on the bottom. Such practices continue to flourish (and therefore change the direction of the world) not in the East as Tantra, but in the West as "Gardnerian" Wicca. Fairly obviously the "god" Shiva need not be male, nor the "goddess" Shakti female.

Magic is the art or science of causing changes in the world through will alone. This is very, very hard — if it wasn't we would never encounter a red light while we drove. Many people try conventional magic and have little or no results. They simply don't have enough passion. But sex provides the greatest amount of passion easily available to the magician. Sex provides energy by creating a tension that is released in orgasms. The forces of the individuals involved flow out into the world freely at this moment. Now as we all know the orgasms that follows an intense D/S scene are much, much more powerful than the orgasm that may occur in vanilla lovemaking. Why? Because of the greater consciousness and separation of the individuals involved. Each were working on two very different tracks, two different parts of reality — but the moment of release brought them into one will. Note carefully I am not talking about simultaneous orgasms, which are more powerful still, but the orgasms of a submissive who has been put through her or his paces. Now if that energy is directed (by words, or thoughts, symbolic items in the room, visualization, etc.) to a particular goal — the energy will fly forth as a lighting bolt and strike the desired target, beginning to force it to change in accordance with the Wills of the persons involved.

continued via Don Webb

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